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How to Sew a Zipper like a Professional

One of the most challenging tasks in sewing is learning how to sew a zipper. It takes some practice but with the proper guidance and instructions you should quickly learn how to sew a zipper like a pro. The following outlines some tips and advice for getting this skill down and perfecting it.

The Easiest Way to Sew a Zipper

There are many ways to sew a zipper. The most popular is sewing it so it is hidden. This means it is sewn into the garment with a flap or flaps covering it up. To sew a zipper this was you will need a special zipper foot for your sewing machine. This will make the job easier. You can easily sew in a zipper using the following technique:

You should have already made a slit in the garment to allow access to the zipper. You should also have two flaps made that will cover the zipper. All you need to do now is pin the zipper in place behind the flaps. Then you sew on either side and at the bottom to secure the zipper into place.

There are other ways to sew in a zipper but this is the easiest method there is.

- Zippers come in various lengths. Make sure you choose the right length of zipper for your project. Having a zipper that is too short or too long can really mess up your finished look and can even affect the way the garment fits.
- Use interfacing when sewing your zipper. The interfacing will help to provide support for the zipper so it does not pull or wrinkle the fabric.
- Press the seams and the zipper before trying to sew it in. This will help everything stay in place and prevent any ripples or tucks.
- Make sure to use a zipper foot, if possible. This special foot will allow you to be able to stitch closer to the seam than a regular foot will allow.

With the above information, you should be able to sew a zipper into any garment without a lot of hassle. Your finished zipper should look professionally done and work like a dream, too. You may doubt that sewing in a zipper can be that is, but it can be. Just practice on scrap fabric first if you still are not confident of your abilities to install the zipper.

Tip #1

If you don't already have one, buy a used sewing machine and make sure that you will enjoy and stick with it. As you learn the techniques and become skillful, you may decide to spring for a new machine later.

Tip #2

Focus on learning one sewing skill at a time. Become good at that technique, then move along and learn the next.

Tip #3

Become acquainted with the tools you will need to become good at sewing. As you master one tool, start practicing with another and the first thing you know, you will be a sewing master!

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