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How to Sew Satin Binding

So, you have made a blanket and need to sew a satin binding to the edges to finish it off? There are many cute bindings you can sew but satin ones are fast and easy and give the blankets such a nice finish. You first need to make sure you have all the right supplies.

Supplies needed:

Quilt or blanket


straight pins

Satin Blanket Binding

Matching sewing threat

You really should follow these steps to make sewing satin bindings easy.

Step 1 Lay out quilt and binding

Lay your blanket out flat and open the sating binding. You might want to iron it if it has permanent folds that you don't want to show up on your finished blanket.
You need to place the quilt right side up. Place the fold of the binding against the edge of the quilt. Leave enough binding so that you can fold it to achieve
a finished edge. Next you need to take the binding and fold it over the top edge of the quilt and pin it to secure it. Make sure the pin catches the bottom side of the blanket
and in the same area.

Step 2 Pinning

Make sure you have plenty of pins because you will need to continue pinning the satin binding till you get to the first corner. Once you get there, you need to extend the binding past the edge
of the corner and then you need to make a diagonal fold so that you can turn the corner.

Make sure you pin the edge on the back of the blanket so that it won't move or shift. You want your corner to look like a mitered corner, and afterwards, keep on pinning along the next long edge.

Step 3 Keep adding more Binding

You need to continue doing the same thing until you are about finished and close to the end. Depending on how big your blanket is, you might have to add
some additional binding just to make it all the way around the blanket. If you want to add some more binding, you need to lay the two strips of binding, with right sides together and draw a diagonal line
or pin them together so that you can sew the two sides together evenly. Make sure you have them sewn together properly so that they continue in the same way. You want to make sure the seam can resist stress, and that is why you want to sew the seam at a diagonal.

Step 4 Finishing the Binding

You are almost done and as you reach the end of the strip you began with, you need to take the last edge and tuck it inside the first part of the strip. Again, you need to make a diagonal fold of the satin binding to make the finished edge have a really nice edge.

Step 5 Stitching the Satin Binding

If you want a really nice finish, you can use your machine on the zig zag setting and go around the edge to secure the binding.

Tip #1

If you don't already have one, buy a used sewing machine and make sure that you will enjoy and stick with it. As you learn the techniques and become skillful, you may decide to spring for a new machine later.

Tip #2

Focus on learning one sewing skill at a time. Become good at that technique, then move along and learn the next.

Tip #3

Become acquainted with the tools you will need to become good at sewing. As you master one tool, start practicing with another and the first thing you know, you will be a sewing master!

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