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Gifts to Sew for Christmas

You can save a bunch of money by finding gifts to sew for Christmas. You do not have to even be an expert at sewing to make some lovely gifts for your friends and family. You can easily come up with great gifts with one simple pattern.

A Simple Idea

One of the easiest things to sew is a basic bag. The pattern for a basic bag can be used to create a variety of gifts just by altering it slightly. You can create the following gifts to sew from a simple bag pattern:
- wine bag
- book bag
- show bag
- sachet
- pillow case
- throw pillow
- dog bed
There are many more ideas, but you can tell from these that you can make a gift for pretty much everyone on your list for Christmas just by knowing the basic bag pattern.

The Pattern

Here's what you need to make a simple bag:
Sewing machine

Step One: Measure and cut the fabric to the desired length. Make sure to cut extra for the seam allowances (the areas where you will sew together to form a seam).
Step Two: Lay the two pieces with the right sides together. Sew three of the edges together.
Step Three: Hem the open edge.
Step Four: Turn the bag right side out.

With this simple bag pattern you can use you imagination to turn it into an array of gifts to give for Christmas or any other occasion. Here's some simple steps to make the gifts from the list above:

- Wine bag: Before completely hemming closed the open edge, pull a string threw to create a tie.
- Book bag: Cut two smaller pieces out of the fabric. Sew them together, right sides together. Turn them and hem the open edge shut. Attach this tot op of bag to create a flap. Add straps on the back.
- Show bag: Simply use the measurements needed to allow for a shoe to fit in the bag. Make two this size and one bag big enough to fit both shoe bags inside.
- Sachet: After step two, fill with potpourri and sew the open edge shut.
- Pillow case: Same as bag instructions.
- Throw pillow: After step two, fill with cotton and then sew open edge shut.
- Dog bed: Once you have completed step two, fill with filling and then sew shut the open edge.

Tip #1

If you don't already have one, buy a used sewing machine and make sure that you will enjoy and stick with it. As you learn the techniques and become skillful, you may decide to spring for a new machine later.

Tip #2

Focus on learning one sewing skill at a time. Become good at that technique, then move along and learn the next.

Tip #3

Become acquainted with the tools you will need to become good at sewing. As you master one tool, start practicing with another and the first thing you know, you will be a sewing master!

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