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How to Sew Eyelet Curtain Tops with Minimal Sewing

Curtains are one of the easiest sewing projects. Learning how to sew eyelet curtain tops is even easier than sewing any other curtain because there is very little sewing involved at all. Eyelet curtains are also easy to hang and use. You can make some for every room in your house in one afternoon. They are really that simple.

What is an Eyelet Curtain Top?

An eyelet curtain top is a curtain that is hung using small eyelets or holes. The eyelets are big enough to run a thin rod through. They have a nice, clean look to them and really easy to create.

Creating Eyelet Curtain Tops

To get started you should assemble your supplies. You will need a curtain. You can either make it yourself or buy one. You will also need eyelets, which are small metal rings that snap together.

To get started you should mark and measure across the top of the curtain to set the place for each eyelet. You should space them evenly. You should also make sure you have enough to allow the curtain to hang smoothly.

After marking the eyelet positions you can then punch out the hole for each eyelet. To make this easier you will want to sew shut the top of the curtain. This will help prevent slipping and problems with installing the eyelet. Sew the curtain just below where the eyelets will be placed. This is also a great guide to check and make sure the eyelet marking s are even and straight.

Now you can punch the hole for each eyelet. You can do this with scissors. It does not have to be a large hole because the eyelet will actually help make the hole visible. Once you have the holes punched you can then put on the eyelets. You will usually get the eyelets in a kit that comes with a special tool to apply them. This will snap them together.

The eyelets will keep the fabric from unraveling and help make a clean finish to the curtains.

Your eyelet curtain tops are now complete. You can hang them and enjoy them.

You can give any curtain eyelet tops. It is quite simple and as you can see, requires minimal sewing. You will only need to stitch the top of the curtain, which is quick with a sewing machine. This is a great weekend project or rainy day project.

Tip #1

If you don't already have one, buy a used sewing machine and make sure that you will enjoy and stick with it. As you learn the techniques and become skillful, you may decide to spring for a new machine later.

Tip #2

Focus on learning one sewing skill at a time. Become good at that technique, then move along and learn the next.

Tip #3

Become acquainted with the tools you will need to become good at sewing. As you master one tool, start practicing with another and the first thing you know, you will be a sewing master!

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