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Sew your Own Curtains in Minutes

To sew your own curtains you only need about an hour and a little sewing skill. Curtains are one of the easiest sewing projects and great for a beginner. You are basically sewing straight lines using your sewing machine and then doing a simple hand stitched hem. You can build your sewing skills by making easy curtains.


To sew your own curtains you will need:
Lining fabric
Sewing machine
Measuring tape


Before you ever start sewing you need to get your basic pattern. There are curtain patterns you can buy, but it is just as easy to go by your own pattern, which is essentially just measurements.

You need to measure the width and length of the window you will be making the curtains for. You should be sure to add to the length for how long you want the curtains, if it is longer than the window bottom. Additionally, you may want to add some width for a more flowing look. If you do not add width then your curtains will simply run straight across.

Be sure to measure the window at the edges of the wall, since your curtains will run from wall to wall, nit window edge to window edge.

Record your measurements, including any inches you want added.

Getting Started

To get started you should press out your fabric. This helps to ensure there are no wrinkles and straight cuts can be made. You will need to measure and mark the window measurements you took onto the fabric and the lining fabric.

After measuring, cut the pieces out. Now you will pin the lining to the fabric. The best way to do this, and to help cut down on sewing is to lay the lining fabric on the wrong side of the curtain fabric. Then fold the edges to create the finished edges. You want to first fold the side edges. Sew them using your machine. Then fold down the top edge, slowing for a space to run the curtain rod and sew it using your machine.

To finish your curtains you will hand stitch the hem on the bottom. This makes for a nice, professional finish to your curtains.
Once you are finished hemming, your curtains are complete and you can hang them up. Make sure to press your curtains before hanging.

- You do not have to use a lining fabric, but it will help the curtains last longer because the lining will protect the curtain fabric from the sun.
- You can do many variations on the above instructions. Be creative. Try pleats and even tapered edging.

Tip #1

If you don't already have one, buy a used sewing machine and make sure that you will enjoy and stick with it. As you learn the techniques and become skillful, you may decide to spring for a new machine later.

Tip #2

Focus on learning one sewing skill at a time. Become good at that technique, then move along and learn the next.

Tip #3

Become acquainted with the tools you will need to become good at sewing. As you master one tool, start practicing with another and the first thing you know, you will be a sewing master!

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